Card Prices

How To Play VBINGO

Card prices are 6up $14, 9up $21, plus $2 Double Action, $2 Odd/Even at certain halls.
Bingo Alberta Live
How do I buy cards, you can preorder your cards by calling your local hall that is playing VBINGO. You can come down to your local bingo hall and abide by the safety standards set by AHS.
How do I pay for the cards? You can pay cash, debit at the halls, some halls allow etransfer to preorder your cards
What do I get with my card purchase? You will receive your cards, double action if you buy, your receipt, a draw ticket, and some halls offer small gifts.
Where can i pick up my cards? You can drive to your local bingo hall within the halls regulated times. You will be able to pick up your cards half hour before game time
Follow COVID Precautions at each hall. In order to enter in any of our Bingo hall locations you must follow the strict guidlines. This includes, social distancing, mask wearing at all times, if your temperature is above 38 degrees you will not be allowed in the hall.